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Fizeau interferometer

We developed Fizeau interferometer RIF with the software. The software is intended to process interference patterns with additional tilt.

View of 100-mm interferometer


  • Input aperture - 10 to 95 mm (optionally up to 300 mm)
  • Operating frequency - up to 25 Hz
  • Accuracy of measurements - 0.032 μm (P-V)
  • P-V of measured aberrations - up to 5 μm
  • Light source - He-Ne laser
  • Wavelength - 0.65 μm
  • CCD USB Camera

Software features

  • Allows to process both real and saved as .bmp images
  • The accuracy of the processing method is about λ/400
  • The result is presented as Zernike Polynomial Coefficients, P-V and RMS values, both 2D and 3D representation of the phase distribution

To obtain the information about the surface under test we intend to introduce tilt in x direction and obtain from 8 to 60 interference fringes The processing includes:

  • Interference pattern image registration (or loading from .bmp file)
  • Determination of the area of interest
  • Filtration. It allows to exclude false extremuma
  • Finding the extremuma
  • Phase representation according to the extremuma coordinates; decomposition by Zernike polynomials, P-V, RMS and PSF calculation
Interferometer software